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After the purchase of the MS home & student 2019, one needs to install it freely using the Downloaded software as well as keycode. If you are new to the Ms office then let me tell you that office is the combination of various important tools that are required for the good maintenance of the data. If you have a scattered date on your device and need to segregate it into a better form office setup home & student 2019 helps you to do this. Just before the installation steps, one must contain the following data:

  • Registered Email address(Any).
  • Mobile Number if available.
  • Product keycode: It is a unique code received after the successful purchase of the office.

With the information above let's start with the account Creation first:-

  • Navigate to or
  • Any of the above URL will redirect you to the same page of office setup.
  • After entering the webpage click on the Create Account button. If already have an account no need to create it. Just sign in with the old account.
  • Now again click on the create one button.
  • Enter an Email Id or Mobile Number or create a Microsoft email.
  • Then go for the next credentials i.e. Password, Name, and all the stuff required.
  • After that click on verify and many verification procedures will run and it will verify for the real account holder.
  • We have successfully created the home & student 2019 account.

With the help of the purchased office key complete the further steps

  • Now sign in to the created account.
  • The 2nd steps appear here i.e. to enter the product key code.
  • Enter the product key code in the desired place as per the proper sequence.
  • If you have not purchased the keycode then go to the office store and search for the home & student 2019 and purchase it from right there.
  • After entering the product key the automatic verification of the product key starts.
  • If the key is right the correct name appears in green font.
  • Below that you get the redeem option it is optional. You can skip this process.
  • If you click on the redeem option then again you have to enter the product key.
  • After entering click on the Next button.
  • Here the purchased software appears. Then again click on the confirm button.

To download the purchased software of office from the MS office store

  • If you have a windows operating system then you can directly browse for the application through the MS store application.
  • If not then open the web browser and search for the Microsoft store and visit the link appearing first.
  • Click on the all Microsoft button and select the windows apps option.
  • In the search bar type Office home & student 2019.
  • Now the list appears, select the purchased one.
  • Click on the install option and you will move to the next page. 
  • After you click install two process takes place simultaneously i.e. first the windows redirects you to the next page and second, i.e. the required file gets downloaded on your device.

Installing the home & student 2019 online using a web browser

  1. After the successful download as well as the redirection to the next step click on the Install link just present in the middle and slightly at the right side of the window.
  2. Select the language and again click on the install button.
  3. A small software download which is about 5.3 MB.
  4. After the download single click on the software.
  5. Then click on the yes button popping up in the middle.
  6. The setup runs in the background. Bring it in front of you by selecting the application from the recent running applications.
  7. It requires time for the software to download the desired files.
  8. After some time depending on the Ram of your device as well as the processing speed 'You're all set 'button appears.
  9. Then click on the close button present just below it.
  10. Now go to the start menu, here you will see the tools like Word, PowerPoint, and Onenote appear.
  11. The home & student 2019 software combination is properly installed on your device.